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People need a way to send multiple e-mails quickly and easily

With the increase popularity of e-mailing as a way to communicate with friends, family, customers and work associates, many have sought ways to reduce the time it takes to send a single e-mail to many different people. Whether you are a home user who would like to send a weekly comic strip to 15 of your friends or a large organization that wants to send out a promotional advertisement to 1,500 of your clients, E-news Mailer is the answer. With an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI), E-News Mailer allows you to send e-mails to an unlimited number of recipients quickly and easily without tying up your own valuable space, time and resources.

Successful businesses are driven by revenue growth, cost control, customer service and quick exchange of information. E-mail has the unique ability to contribute to all of these needs. E-mail, however, has also been frustrating and laborious. With the sharp increase in technology, the expectations of businesses to improve their communication have continued to rise. With the development of E-News Mailer, that expectation will be simple to meet. E-News Mailer allows you to spend quality time creating your e-mails while not worrying about how long it will take you to send all of them out. E-News Mailer will make your day more enjoyable, productive and allow you to spend more time on tasks that matter most.

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