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The computer industry is constantly changing, and new and improved software programs, hardware devices, and services are always altering the way we conduct business.  As a result, much of our efforts are focused on staying up-to-date with these changes.  Consequently, our customers stay well informed on what is available and what would best suite their unique company.

During our initial consultation with you, we will consider your short-term goals, long-term goals, and restrictions and inform you of the options you have be more efficient and cost effective in the work place.  As your computer support team, we will then continue to keep you informed on the latest advancements.  Such areas may include: 

  • Latest hardware advancements
  • Latest network advancements such as wireless networks.
  • Staying informed on new programs and new versions of programs
  • Keeping updated on new viruses and new anti-virus solutions
  • Knowing which Internet Service Providers (ISP) are best for you

Computer training has become a crucial element to business employees do to the complicated nature of computer applications.  Learning by way of books or trial-and-error has proven to be time consuming and frustrating.  Training by Integrated Solutions Plus, gives customers:

  • The opportunity to have in-house training
  • The chance to train along side their fellow employees
  • Flexible training times
  • Easy to understand instruction and the opportunity to learn it right the first time
  • The ability to begin using technology quicker and more efficiently


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