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To further demonstrate that Integrated Solutions Plus is  your "one call for all your computer needs", we offer web design and services to help you get connected to the internet.  During the design of each web site, we work with the customer to offer a site that is well organized.  This allows viewers to easily maneuver through their site with an effective menu structure and visually attractive pages.  We also consult with our customers on the best services to use when it comes time to submit and promote their web site.

What we do to make our sites effective:

  • Menu Structure:  Regardless of how much information you include, we allow for visitors to find the information they want quickly.

  • Cross Platform:  We test your site on all the major browsers (e.g., netscape, internet explore, aol).

  • Change:  A changing web site (particularly the front page) is one of the top reasons why people return to a web site.  We strongly promote a changing web site and make it easy for our customers to change their site as often as they want.

  • Personality:  We put a lot of effort into creating original sites that match the personality of each individual business.  Please take a look at the sites below to see if you agree.

Click on the sites below to take a look at the different approaches we have taken for other companies: RHAI Flash
There are several ways to get businesses connected to the internet, and they are increasing and prices are dropping.  Integrated Solutions Plus has experience with multiple internet service providers and multiple connection choices including pc modems, LAN modems, ISDN, DSL and cable.  Let us find out what is available in your area and which is most cost effective for your needs.  Integrated Solutions Plus also has experience with virtual private networks, which will enable secured connections with your business while you are away from the office.

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