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  • 1 in 5 computes suffers a hard drive crash.  72% of businesses that suffer major data loss are out of business within 24 months.  Is your data backed up?

  • 83% of potential customers will leave a web site if they become frustrated with the site's navigation system.  73% will leave if it takes more than two or three clicks to get to the information they want.  Do you have a web site?  Is it getting the traffic you want?  A feature that speeds up web navigation is by opening pages/links in a new window.  For instance, hover over a link> right-click> choose the Open in New Window menu item.

  • Some advantages of e-mail include:  1) both parties can converse at their convenience (avoid phone tag), 2) creates a written record of what was said, 3) lengthy materials can be sent by e-mail, and 4) broadcast e-mails can be sent in a short amount of time.  Do your employees communicate through e-mail?  One of the most time saving and underused e-mail features is attaching files to messages.  One way to perform an attachment is from the application, go to File> Send/Send to> Recipient (as attachment).

  • Windows 2000 has several modifications to prevent crashes and the ability to repair itself.  Reliability tests conducted by ZD labs showed that the average system uptime of Windows 2000 Professional was over 50 times that of Windows 98.  Are you staying informed on the latest software benefits?

  • To receive weekly e-mails on tips that will educate you on effective computer use, send an e-mail to info@ispls.com and type the subject "Weekly Tips".  View the latest weekly tip.



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