Computer Networking

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A network is a group of connected computers that allow people to share information (database), software (POS), and equipment (printers).

From the earliest networks to today's high-powered personal computers, the answer has remained the same: networks increase efficiency and reduce cost.  Computer networks achieve these goals in three primary ways:

  • Sharing information (or data)
  • Sharing hardware and software
  • Centralizing administration and support

More specifically, computers that are part of a network can share:

  • Documents (memos, spreadsheets, invoices)
  • Databases can be shared and updated in real time.
  • E-mail messages and calendars
  • Word-processing software and Project-tracking software
  • Illustration, photographs, videos, audio files, live audio, and video broadcasts
  • Printers, fax machines, modems, and telephone lines
  • CD-ROM drives, floppy drives and hard drives

Integrated Solutions Plus has extensive experience in designing and implementing networks ranging from simple two computer networks to a large scale network with 100+ computers, multiple printers, and multiple servers.  We design up-to-date networks that offer instant benefits with the capability to grow with your business.


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