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After a quick installation you will begin working with two primary windows and a third window if your database has security. 

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Picture1.gif (168578 bytes) The Static Email Information and Options Window will have you input information such as from name, reply address, to information and whether your e-mail is low or high priority.

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screen2.gif (44257 bytes) The Database Options and Email Filed Mapping window will have you input the location of your database, e-mail, and message tags.

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screen3.gif (39153 bytes) This window is used if your database of e-mail addresses is protected with a username and password.  Simply input a username, password and the file that contains the system security.  Ask your database administrator if you are unsure.
To get a better idea of what information needs to be inputted in each field, click here to download a PDF version of the user manual.
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