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Are you ready for a little programming

The windows operating systems has given computer manufacturers, builders and owners a great place to store a small amount of information in the properties of My Computer.  First off, right-click "My Computer" and then click on properties.  Make sure you are in the general tab and take a look at the text near the bottom.  Here you will see a basic description of your processor and how much memory you computer contains.  You may also see other information such as a graphical logo or even a button that reads "Support Information".  This is the area that I will show you how to change and add any type of information you want in there.

Get Started.  Start by opening the oeminfo.ini file in Windows' system folder (or System32 for Windows NT and 2000).  Don't forget to make a copy of this file in case you want to quickly replace all the mess you've just made.  One problem you may run into it that you can't find an oeminfo.ini file.  No problem, just create one.  Open notepad (Start/Programs/Accessories/Notepad) and be sure to save it as oeminfo.ini.  Now that you have your oeminfo.ini file, let's take a look at it.  If you just created one you will not have much to look at.  Review that following text


If you do not find these terms simply ad them.  The text you type to the right of "manufacturer=" and "model=" will be the text that will show up when you save it and reopen the properties of My Computer.  You can type anything you want, just make it short.  Play around with it until you get the desired effect.

Let's take it a step further.  Let's go back to the properties of My Computer.  Do you see a little button titled "support information".  If you do, click on it.  You will see a separate text box open with additional information in it.  You can also change the information in this area. 

Let's first start by adding the button for those of you who do not have one.  In the same oeminfo.ini file add the following text.

[Support Information]

You can add as many Lines as you like (e.g., Line3=, Line4=, etc).  Again, the text following the the = sign will be the text that shows up in your new support information box.  Remember to save your work, then close and reopen the properties of your My Computer.

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