"Integrated Solutions Plus is a company that is dedicated to helping businesses grow and stay competitive well into the future. The future is the key word and our efforts focus on keeping your business up-to-date on what will keep you successful. Outsourcing computer support is becoming increasingly popular and Integrated Solutions Plus has been given the opportunity to support some of the top Indianapolis businesses by combining personalized support with quick and efficient services."

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See why Integrated Solutions plus is your "One Call for all Your Computer Needs".

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Are you tired of spending your day sending out multiple e-mails?  Well, don't send out one more until you read about what the E-News Mailer can offer you.

As we create more and more files, keeping them organized and remembering where we put them would often be impossible without the Windows Search function.  The Search function allows you to search for a file by name while specifying a location.  However, sometimes simple searches are not good enough. Click for the whole tip

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